Top quality plastic piping.

Made in Haná.

For a quarter of a century, first-class plastic pipes from our production in Alojzov, Moravia, have been shipped to the largest construction sites in the Czech Republic, Europe and all around the world.

We use only pure plastic

Plastic materials are currently considered to be very environmentally friendly for most utility lines. The technology of pipe and fittings production saves the environment in connection with low production temperatures, but also for its almost 100% recycling of production waste. Plastic pipes do not rust, are intact to bio-corrosion even without special surface treatment and are not rodent food.


Polyethylene is a relatively soft material, but it is very resistant to abrasion in water - for example when transporting aqueous suspensions of abrasive substances.

Products made of this material are extremely flexible and therefore withstand short-term overloading and dynamic loads much better than rigid ones. They are highly resistant to soil settlement and technical seismicity. Due to their high chemical resistance, polyethylene pipes can be used for a wide range of reaction fluids in various industries.

Polyethylene pipes are resistant to damage from solid particles that may be contained in the conveyed fluid, but must be insulated against both overheating and freezing.


Polypropylene is mainly used for the production of sewer pipes. It is a pure material, has a high elasticity model and is 100% free of fillers that would degrade the material.

It not only has high elasticity and circular stiffness, but also general strength - while maintaining high impact resistance. At the same time, it is unyielding, not subject to internal stresses, thermal expansion and is very light. Thanks to these properties, our products can be laid even at -10 °C.

Polypropylene also excels in operational properties. In addition to its resistance to impact, surface dynamic shocks and frost, it is also resistant to the vast majority of chemical and resistance substances, corrosion, abrasion, UV radiation and changes caused by temperature changes in the conveying medium. Polypropylene is non-hazardous to health. It is also suitable for food processing plants. It meets ecological requirements throughout its service life, which exceeds 100 years.


Made of pure plastic


Chemical and heat resistant


Thick walls even in the curves


Easy storage and transport


Fullstack systems


Excellent flexibility and durability


Made in the Czech Republic


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